Andrea Sullivan, Kitsap Animal Rescue & Education – Marketing Coordinator We’ve been posting a lot lately about the Kitsap Great Give, encouraging our friends and followers to donate, not just to Kitsap Animal Rescue & Education (KARE), but to any local non-profit they support, and I wanted to share a little bit about why I am […]

Dear KARE, Love Clementine

Our beagle rescue Clementine arrived in a KARE foster home just in time to deliver five healthy babies. Clementine was adopted to a loving home and she wrote this letter back to KARE. Well hello, KARE!  I’ve been here for almost ten months, and life just gets better and better. I’m still walking my man […]

Hank might be Charley!

Carmen had these nice words about Hank: Well it is clear that since Hank has been rescued he has been with people who took excellent care of him and loved him very much. What an absolutely sweet boy he is.  We all took him on a walk last night and everyone took turns walking him […]

Brushing up with Jake!

Jake’s mom Debbie sent in these wonderful anecdotes: “I started brushing Jake’s teeth about a week after we brought him home. I have created a monster. He now races me to the bathroom so he can get his teeth brushed FIRST, and then he has to have them FLOSSED! Since Mom flosses, he has to.” […]

KARE Alumni Summer 2015 Update

Jake Our Jake is one smart boy. We went for a walk today up the hill to the park. He has never been there before. I told him, “Take me home.” He led us home exactly the same way we went up to the park, except he took me to our front door instead of […]

Daisy blossoms in her new home!

Daisy is adjusting very well to her new home. She loves our huskies and they like her too, more and more each day. She is very smart and is learning basic commands and the rules of the house. She knows sit, and we are working on leave it, potty, come and crate. We can tell […]

Sprockett is the new Leo!

After much consideration we renamed Sprockett to Leo. He is amazing, we love him very much. He is also very spoiled. I would say he gets at least two to three new toys a week if not more. We nicknamed him the “toy destroyer” because he loves to rip up toys to bits. As for the […]

KARE Alumni – Spot

In June, we rescued a pregnant mother from Missouri.  When she arrived in Washington state, she was covered in fleas and was appropriately named, June Bug.  She was immediately cared for and went into foster. One week later, she gave birth to 10 puppies! One of her puppies, Spot, was adopted to a great family and […]