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Andrea Sullivan, Kitsap Animal Rescue & Education – Marketing Coordinator

We’ve been posting a lot lately about the Kitsap Great Give, encouraging our friends and followers to donate, not just to Kitsap Animal Rescue & Education (KARE), but to any local non-profit they support, and I wanted to share a little bit about why I am giving to the Kitsap Great Give, and specifically to KARE.

Chewie aka MielOur organization serves all of Kitsap County, and although we are based out of and primarily serve Kitsap County, our educational and training services can extend well into Western Washington. We have, over the past 10 years, rescued and re-homed over 350+ pets (typically 1 animal per household, as of November 2015).

Personally, I find it interesting that we rescue animals, find them homes, and provide education services and resources to help animals stay in the homes that they have, and yet our organization is without a physical location, a home to call our own. As an all-volunteer-run, non-profit organization, our success is determined by the dedication and support of our volunteers and foster families, and the support of our community.

KARE Training Sign TonkerOur future plans are to procure and develop a facility to host educational workshops/seminars. Currently, we rent facilities or partner with other local organizations to host our classes. Additionally, we would love to have our own, private “doggy playground”, where dogs can learn to socialize appropriately, outside of the typical classroom setting, and their humans can receive some informal behavioral/training consultations while their dogs play.

We fundraise to support our rescue/foster program, to pay rent/fees associated with teaching classes, and then whatever is left over goes towards this future facility.

We continue to grow, which is very exciting and wonderful, but often times there is high-demand without the resources to support it. I, like most of our volunteers and fosters, have a full-time job outside of KARE.

My day typically consists of: working at my full-time job as an in-house graphic designer for a large organization, coming home to spend some time with my family, and then I may spend another 2-4 hours each day to coordinate marketing efforts and provide graphic design services for KARE. My thoughts being, I don’t have much to give in terms of money, but I can give [this].

We do what we do because pets are our passion.

I do what I do because I believe KARE is an organization that deserves my time and support, and I hope you agree.

I hope you choose to give.

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Dear KARE, Love Clementine

Clementine and PupsOur beagle rescue Clementine arrived in a KARE foster home just in time to deliver five healthy babies. Clementine was adopted to a loving home and she wrote this letter back to KARE.

Well hello, KARE!  I’ve been here for almost ten months, and life just gets better and better.

I’m still walking my man and Moose every day (Moose is that other dog; he is usually tolerable.)  We meet lots of people and dogs, and last week I even found a dead bird to roll in.  It was great and even helped mask that embarrassing shampoo odor.

The only occasional problem with walking is rain; it’s cold and wet.  That’s when I show them how I really feel.  Not that I’m stubborn …  Otherwise, I enjoy walking so much that one day I took myself for a stroll.  Freedom!  But dad and mom got all excited and fixed the fence – I have no idea what all the fuss was about.  (But truly, I’m not stubborn.  NOT stubborn at all.)

After a good walk, there’s a wonderful spot on the kitchen floor where the sun shines through the window.  I go right into blissful sleep. 

Another favorite of mine is food.  I don’t get treats as often because they say my legs are getting shorter – but once in awhile I use my big brown eyes on mom, and …   They don’t realize who actually runs the house, ha ha.

I enjoy tug of war, mainly because I’m getting stronger.  Chase-the-ball is pretty good, until Moose gets possessive.  Now we have two balls, this works better (except he doesn’t understand that they’re both mine.)

I’m so very happy when mom gets home from work, and we snuggle at the top of the stairs.  But no wet kisses for me … I’m not that kind of girl.  Then I wriggle on my back, and get my BEST belly-rub ever.Clementine rolling

I especially enjoy the middle of the night.  I go to sleep in my big stuffed chair, while mom goes on to bed.  Then when she’s sound asleep, I run down the hall and launch myself onto our bed.  Then I land like an earthquake.  She startles awake, realizes it’s me, and we go back to sleep under the covers. 

Then we snuggle and feel safe and strong together.  It’s especially sweet when one of doesn’t feel good.  We get to take good care of each other.

I’ve heard that someone said “It’s a dog’s life”.  They were so right – I had no idea!  This is very different from where I came from.  Thank you again for rescuing me; now life is worth living, and I am so grateful. Clementine Sunshine

Mom is still busy, so I’ll say good-bye for now.
My sun-spot is calling my name.

Your happy and not-stubborn Beagle,



Hank might be Charley!

First run with Charley Carmen had these nice words about Hank:

Well it is clear that since Hank has been rescued he has been with people who took excellent care of him and loved him very much. What an absolutely sweet boy he is.

 We all took him on a walk last night and everyone took turns walking him and he did really well. It became clear pretty early on that he feels as though the kids are his “job”. He follows them everywhere sometimes having a hard time deciding which one to follow and when they all stopped and laid in bed together to watch a movie he jumped right in there with them and enjoyed pets from all three at once and then fell asleep. He was with them all night.

Charley and the kidsHis name is still pending, the kids were calling him Charlie last night so that may be the one. Looking forward to taking him for a short run this morning.                                                Charley and Patch

Brushing up with Jake!

JakeBrushStoryJake’s mom Debbie sent in these wonderful anecdotes:

“I started brushing Jake’s teeth about a week after we brought him home. I have created a monster. He now races me to the bathroom so he can get his teeth brushed FIRST, and then he has to have them FLOSSED! Since Mom flosses, he has to.”

“Our Jake is one smart boy. We went for a walk today up the hill to the park. He has never been there before. I told him, “Take me home.” He led us home exactly the same way we went up to the park, except he took me to our front door instead of the back door that we had left from. Pretty smart for 3 1/2 months old!”

“Our boy, Jake, plays so hard, then crashes. He can sit on command now and shake JakePlaysHardStoryhands.  He HATES getting wet. He got more vaccinations last Wednesday and his weight is up to 13.8 pounds! That’s a 3.5 pound weight gain in two weeks. Healthy, spoiled Mama’s boy.”

“Dori, the chinchilla sister, is teaching Jake how to play tag. This went on for 15 minutes this morning.”

“Jake passed the ‘cat scan’ with his sister, Josie. Josie is very patient with her new brother.”

JakeSmartDogStory“Our Jake is amazing. He is doing super with potty training. He is learning to go potty on command outside. His cat sister, Josie, is so good with him. She is teaching him how to play nice. He goes bonkers playing with his chinchilla sister, Dori. He is a perfect fit with our family.”

KARE Alumni Summer 2015 Update


Jake_CinnamonPupOur Jake is one smart boy. We went for a walk today up the hill to the park. He has never been there before. I told him, “Take me home.” He led us home exactly the same way we went up to the park, except he took me to our front door instead of the back door that we had left from. Pretty smart for 3 1/2 months old!


LokiThank you KARE for allowing us to adopt this sweet puppy!! Loki is such a happy pup and a joy to have in our home! He and Chaz are best friends already!!!


Tucker_2One of June Bug’s pups. He loves water and is growing into a handsome pup.




AUG_LexieLexie (formerly Ivy) LOVES to play! Such a sweetheart!




1_JAN_BeauBeau (formerly Bugsy) is turning into one good-looking pup!




DukeHawk-2Duke (formerly Braveheart) at about 6 months. He is incredibly smart and affectionate, always loves to play with dogs and humans alike, and looks super handsome in his new ‘Hawks jersey.




Daisy blossoms in her new home!

Daisy is adjusting very well to her new home. She loves our huskies and they like her too, more and more each day. She is very smart and is learning basic commands and the rules of the house. She knows sit, and we are working on leave it, potty, come and crate. We can tell she will be a ball player and maybe frisbee too. She loves all of the dog toys we have here, and our other dogs have been great about sharing. She is doing very well on the leash too. She loves to cuddle and kisses on her nose. She is an awesome little girl and we are so grateful she is here.

IMG_20150630_132153 IMG_20150630_132220

We LOVE Happy and Playful!

ArielBeckett (formerly Ariel) is a happy and playful girl. She is a perfect fit in our family and is well behaved. She loves to cuddle.

Sprockett is the new Leo!

New Picture (1)New Picture (2)After much consideration we renamed Sprockett to Leo. He is amazing, we love him very much. He is also very spoiled. I would say he gets at least two to three new toys a week if not more. We nicknamed him the “toy destroyer” because he loves to rip up toys to bits. As for the bear you gave him, he is very fond of it, honestly it is the only toy he will not destroy. He sleeps with it every night. As for the crating at night we do not do that anymore, haven’t for a while. He sleeps on the bed with us. He is very good with going outside. We have a bell around the door knob and he walks to the door to let us know he needs to go out. He is amazing off leash outside. as of right now He is 20 pounds and very energetic. we go for long walks and hikes and to the dog park. He knows his name and to come when called by his name. He will do about anything for food, he knows a few tricks Paw, double Paw, sit, wait, stay, pretty sit, lay down, come. I believe I am forgetting a few tricks in there but those are off the top of my head. He loves to swim and chase after birds, and bunnys. Over all I think he is a very happy dog. He still hates to be left alone. we where crating him when we left the house however whenever we got home he magically was out. So he is now free to be in the house! Oh I almost forgot he loves to climb the cat condo its the funniest thing.

KARE Alumni – Spot

In June, we rescued a pregnant mother from Missouri.  When she arrived in Washington state, she was covered in fleas and was appropriately named, June Bug.  She was immediately cared for and went into foster. One week later, she gave birth to 10 puppies!

One of her puppies, Spot, was adopted to a great family and here’s what they had to say about him: “Charlie (formerly Spot) has become a wonderful part of our family!! He likes to herd the cat, go to the beach and LOVES to play hide and seek with us! Thanks KARE for helping to bring him into our lives!”


Spot at 2 weeks


Spot at 5 weeks


Spot at 3 months

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