Time for a Christmas Puppy?

My first instinct as a trainer is to tell you “Noooooo… don’t do it!” As one who has done it, I understand the desire. You’re probably thinking, “my kids have been asking all year for a puppy.” or maybe, you’re thinking about a parent who’s been alone and needs some company. Maybe you’ve lost a […]

Maintaining a Stress-free Holiday for Your Dog

The holiday season is upon us, which can be a hectic time for everyone, including our furry family members. Following the tips outlined below and taking the extra time for your dog during this holiday season can help for a safe and happy holiday for everyone. Dogs are creatures of habit and routine. Changes to […]

KARE is now available on Walk for a Dog!

Help raise money for KARE while getting exercise at the same time!  Walk for a Dog is a simple, year-round fundraising app that’s available for iPhone and Android smartphones! It promotes healthy interaction between dogs and their owners, and raises money every day to support the mission of your favorite animal shelter or rescue.  You don’t have to be […]

New, great things are coming!

Dear Subscribers: Welcome to our NEW and improved website! We have been working hard lately on making our website much more user-friendly with a fresh, new look and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! You can easily access our calendar (and register for) events, learn about upcoming classes, subscribe to our e-newsletter and stay […]