Since 2003, Kitsap Animal Rescue & Education (KARE) has provided animal education and animal rescue support for the community. An estimated 275+ animals have been rescued since KARE’s start, with 58 dogs rescue (some being puppies born in foster care) and 9 cats (some kittens born in foster care) since Fall 2012.

KARE partners with over-crowded shelters across the nation to bring adoptable pets to this area and is committed to finding loving homes for all of our rescues.

We do what we do because pets are our passion, and supporting our community is important to us.

And we need your help.

With a good foster home environment and some simple training, these animals become amazing pets in their new forever homes, but we can’t do it alone.

Over the last decade, KARE has grown to include a dedicated team of 10+ board members, volunteers, trainers, and fosters, and there are more joining our cause each day. With your support, KARE can have a facility of their own to call “forever home” so we may continue to rescue at-risk animals and provide training and animal education for pet owners of Kitsap County. Donate TODAY or visit our FAQ page on how to become a KARE Foster or Volunteer!



Part of the KARE Team,  2014 Wine & Wag Gala

Board of Directors and Management Team

Dianne Canafax, President

BI Bio photoDianne is a highly successful dog trainer with over 25 years of experience, which includes private and public classes, behavior modification consultations, service dog training, and therapy dog training. Dianne’s greatest passion is helping people to better understand their dogs in order to strengthen the relationship between dog and human. The focus in all her classes is on how dogs learn and the “why” behind their behaviors. Dianne uses positive, scientifically proven, non-forceful training methods to emphasize the relationship between dog and human.

Dianne has volunteered with local animal shelters for more than 15 years and has been involved in animal rescue for the past 12 years. She is the co-founder of Kitsap Animal Rescue & Education (KARE). Her professional certifications include Karen Pryor Academy Clicker Training Partner, Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, and Certified Therapy Dog Evaluator for Pet Partners. She updates her credentials with frequent continuing education courses in animal behavior and training. Do you need your pet evaluated/certified? Visit our Evaluations & Consultations page to learn more.

Heidi Wakefield, Ethics and Finance Officer

Heidi_FBHeidi joined the KARE Board of Directors in 2013, bringing with her over 34 years of financial and auditing experience. She currently audits accounting and financial records for KARE, also serving as an ethics advisor. Heidi grew up in an animal-loving family and has been a longtime volunteer and patron at the local animal shelter. Although employed full-time as an inspector, her passions are animal welfare, adoption promotion, and continuing education about dog behavior. She and her husband share their home with their three dogs, Kona, Mariah, and Rylie.

Cathy Hayes, Treasurer and Secretary

SkippyAs the Secretary/Treasurer for KARE, Cathy Hayes has a Business Management Degree, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. She and her husband own and run an oyster farming business on the Hood Canal. She also owns her own tax accounting business, as well as manages rental properties.

She was adopted by two rescue dogs, Penny, who recently passed away after sharing her love with the family for 13 years, and Skippy, a rescue dog who is a Certified Karen Pryor Academy Training Dog and a Certified Pet Partners Therapy Dog that specializes in hospice. She also has a grand-dog name Cookie , two cats, and several fish.

As a longtime volunteer at the local shelter, she became a Reiki Master and learned T-Touch so that she could provide these additional services to shelter animals. She also serves as the Adoption Coordinator, teaches classes and does behavior consults on behalf of KARE.

She is a Certified Training Partner of Karen Pryor Academy and a graduate of the Canine Behavior Internship Program offered by KARE. Cathy has always loved and wanted to work with pets, so being a volunteer for KARE is wonderful and rewarding.

Kitsie Morris, Foster


Kitsie is an elementary school substitute teacher as well as a non-profit coordinator by profession, and an animal lover/nurturer in life. Caring for kids and animals is very similar – both involve caring for their survival needs as well as their physical and psychological well-being.

Kitsie has three Corgis and Rosie, a “foster failure” from her first KARE foster litter in 2013 and one of the seven puppies born to Molly, a Maltese/ Chihuahua, and her suitor, Blake, a poodle.

Since then, Kitsie has fostered at least 35 dogs, including a litter five of beagle/border collies, three hound-mix pups, three Pit-mix pups, six mastiff-mix pups (who had arrived in terrible shape), a beautiful boy named Sam, and a girl named Cinnamon, who came with her five two-week old pups. Kitsie loves to foster dogs and guinea pigs – Kitsie also has four guinea pigs, adopted from the Kitsap Humane Society.

All dogs and puppies are different due to genetic and environmental circumstances, and as a KARE Foster Mom, Kitsie provides a healthy and stable home, as well as a positive socialization experience.

She recently wrote the KARE Guide for Fostering Puppies and is an active mentor for new KARE fosters.

Kitsie is a graduate of the Canine Behavior Internship Program offered through KARE and continues to seek educational opportunities for canine behavior and training.

Vickie Josal, Trainer

VickieBioPhotoVickie Josal is a trainer for our therapy dog practice class.  Vickie is a long time volunteer at the local shelter as a Lead Dog Walker, Transfer Greeter and an Animal Transporter. As a volunteer with KARE for several years, she assists with training classes, Doglish, event booths, transition consults and behavior modification.

Vickie is always on the lookout for educational opportunities on canine behavior and how she can make a difference in their lives. To date, Vickie has graduated from the first Canine Behavior Internship Program and completed weekend seminars by Sue Sternburg and Kelly Bollen, in addition to many other webinars and local classes. She adopted a shelter pup, Daphne, and went through extensive training to become a Pet Partners therapy team.

Positive reinforcement and reward-based training is her philosophy for both four- and two-legged students. Vickie lives with her husband, Todd, and their two dogs, Lincoln, the GSD rescue, and Daphne, her shelter rescue, a lab/whippet/Australian Koolie mix.

When Vickie is not doing “dog stuff” she enjoys spending time with her kids and grandkids, traveling and volunteering with the local charity haunted house as the volunteer coordinator.

Leslie Anderson, Trainer

Leslie with dogsLeslie has had quite a diverse career path. She is a Registered Nurse, a college instructor,  Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, holds a Certificate in Canine Studies from the Northwest School of Canine Studies, and is a member of the Pet Partners therapy team.

Leslie has had dogs all her life, however, it wasn’t until she had two adolescent males with behavioral problems of her own that she recognized, she really didn’t know anything about dogs! That’s when she decided to learn more about dog behavior and dog training using positive, humane methods.

Leslie’s dog training passion is in educating puppy “parents” to ensure, as the cute puppies mature into teenagers, their “children” have the skills and manners needed to live in a human world and encourage happy, healthy human-animal bonds.

Join our KARE Team by emailing volunteer@nwkare.org or come see us at any one of our events!