Classes Offered

Dog Training Classes

Beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes are provided in a group or individual setting to work on skills and socialization for dogs of all ages!

Speaking Doglish

FREE workshop that discusses behavioral and communication differences between dogs and humans.

Dog Behavior Workshops

Two hour workshops targeting specific undesirable behaviors that can cause animals to be relinquished. Common topics such as loose-leash walking, separation anxiety, jumpy/mouthy behavior, potty training, etc. are covered.

Canine Communication and Behavior Seminars

KARE is offering a two-day Canine Communication & Behavior seminar to promote awareness of the canine species, responsible dog ownership, training, and behavior. This seminar is taught by a certified dog trainer with over 25 years dog training experience and 15 years in shelter/rescue.

Each participant will leave the seminar with:

  • Increased knowledge of canine behavior
  • Improved confidence with handling dogs
  • Improved relationship with their personal dog(s)
  • A training toolbox for working with problem behaviors
  • Appreciation for our world with dogs

Program outline includes: Canine Body Language, Training Fundamentals & Mechanics, Canine Learning Theory, Canine Behavior & Behavior Modification, Dog Reactivity Behavior Modification, Fearful/shy dog Behavior Modification, Resource Guarding Behavior Modification, Separation Anxiety Behavior Modification

Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Preparations

FREE weekly class that helps dog owners work on the skills necessary for their dog to pass the Canine Good Citizen test and/or become a therapy dog.

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