We’re not kidding.

Why learn how to train chickens?

The average chicken is faster than the average dog, allowing you to stretch and boost your mechanical skills. Learning how to train chickens will improve your coordination and timing.

KARE is proud to host Terry Ryan (CPDT-KA, KPA CTP Faculty, and President of Legacy Canine Behavior and Training) and her Poultry in Motion workshop! As an introduction to chicken training, we will:

  • focus on selected principles of classical and operant conditioning;
  • work on timing, criteria and rate of reinforcement while shaping a simple behavior;
  • discuss systematic desensitization, criteria definition and selection, latency (limited hold), discrimination and extinction;
  • practice coaching skills, constructive critiquing, lateral thinking and problem solving skills;
  • draw parallels between chicken and dog training.

“I would never have believed I could learn so much from a chicken. Transferring the techniques learned with chickens to dogs was easy as the dog was even more responsive to us than the chicken.” – Brenda Lively

Bring your friends! Group discount for 5 or more people.

Haven’t registered? Don’t delay! KARE is hosting two offerings of Terry’s workshop October 16th & 17th in Silverdale! Register today and come have fun with chickens! No experience required.

To Register: $125/person
Friday, October 16th:
Saturday, October 17th: