10 Reasons to Foster with KARE

1. Small organization – Big impact!

Because of our foster families, KARE has rescued over 44 animals in 2018, with over 600 animals in loving, forever homes overall. By taking an animal in need temporarily into your home you’re helping reduce overcrowding in shelters, saving an animal from being put down when resources become limited, or helping homeless dogs learn what it’s like to be a member of a family — a vital step on the way to finding their forever home.

2. You pay no expenses

We want to make sure you and your foster are set up for success. KARE provides all medical, nutrition, toys and training needs for your foster. By request, KARE can provide other necessities such as dishes, crates, bedding, collars/harnesses, dog tags and leashes.

3. Free use of our Private Outdoor Play Area

Dog parks are not designed for every dog. Our private, outdoor dog yard is perfect for those dogs who need a chance to run and play off-leash without the worry and fear of unknown dogs (and their people), and is supplied with toys including a chuck-it and tennis balls! We also provide poop bags, trash can, water for dogs and a bench to sit and relax on.

4. Certified Dog Trainers to support you every step of the way

Positive reinforcement and reward-based training is our philosophy for both four- and two-legged students. And our experiences show, this methodology is simpler to teach and apply, and its effects last longer!

5. You are carefully matched with the perfect foster dog for you

Small apartment living, or large family farm; full-time job or stay-at-home parent; hooman kiddos and/or furbabies; the living situation should be a positive one for both you and your foster. KARE needs foster parents for puppies or young dogs, for animals needing medical care, or for dogs with behavioral issues. It doesn’t mean you have to be able to foster all of those types; but foster parents are needed in all of these categories.

6. Our volunteers are happy to transport fosters to vet appointments, meet and greets, etc.

By opening their homes to dogs in need, Fosters can nurture dog into a trust of humans they may have lost. and we feel that’s plenty generous.

7. KARE offers a foster-to-adopt program

This is a special breed – we fondly call them “foster failures”. Maybe you aren’t 100% sure you are ready for a lifetime commitment. That’s OK. Our goal is to find forever homes, so take the extra time to get to know a dog and save a life or two while doing it. Some of our favorite foster failures: @theDukeSullivan and @MammaMia

8. Fostering with KARE is temporary (average time spent in a foster home is 1 month)

It’s a commitment, sure, as we cannot make any promises regarding how long a particular dog will be in your home. However, some fosters say it feels a bit like dog sitting but definitely more rewarding. Fostering can be flexible, sometimes just for a few days or a few months, but always based on what fits best with you and your lifestyle and always temporary.

9. Our foster parents meet the dog’s potential adopter and has a say in whether the adoption is a good match

We recognize and appreciate the bond a foster family has with their foster dog(s). Your input is definitely important, because we know you believe in what we believe – it’s not just any home, it’s about finding the forever home.

10. You would be saving a life. Many of our dogs are rescued from high kill, unmanned shelters

Without foster programs, limited resources at shelters mean some dogs and cats might have to be euthanized. KARE partners with other rescue organizations across the western U.S. where their local shelters are overcrowded and simply unable to take in any more dogs. By becoming a KARE Foster, you are giving a dog a second chance at life, and happiness.