Hank might be Charley!

First run with Charley Carmen had these nice words about Hank:

Well it is clear that since Hank has been rescued he has been with people who took excellent care of him and loved him very much. What an absolutely sweet boy he is.

 We all took him on a walk last night and everyone took turns walking him and he did really well. It became clear pretty early on that he feels as though the kids are his “job”. He follows them everywhere sometimes having a hard time deciding which one to follow and when they all stopped and laid in bed together to watch a movie he jumped right in there with them and enjoyed pets from all three at once and then fell asleep. He was with them all night.

Charley and the kidsHis name is still pending, the kids were calling him Charlie last night so that may be the one. Looking forward to taking him for a short run this morning.                                                Charley and Patch