About Us

Since 2001, Kitsap Animal Rescue & Education (KARE) has provided animal education and animal rescue support for the community. An estimated 500+ animals have been rescued since KARE’s start.

KARE partners with over-crowded shelters across the nation to bring adoptable pets to this area and is committed to finding loving homes for all of our rescues.

We do what we do because pets are our passion, and supporting our community is important to us.

And we need your help.

With a good foster home environment and some simple training, these animals become amazing pets in their new forever homes, but we can’t do it alone.

Over the last decade, KARE has grown to include a dedicated team of 10+ board members, volunteers, trainers, and fosters, and there are more joining our cause each day. With your support, KARE can have a facility of their own to call “forever home” so we may continue to rescue at-risk animals and provide training and animal education for pet owners of Kitsap County. Donate TODAY or visit our FAQ page on how to become a KARE Foster or Volunteer!