Brushing up with Jake!

JakeBrushStoryJake’s mom Debbie sent in these wonderful anecdotes:

“I started brushing Jake’s teeth about a week after we brought him home. I have created a monster. He now races me to the bathroom so he can get his teeth brushed FIRST, and then he has to have them FLOSSED! Since Mom flosses, he has to.”

“Our Jake is one smart boy. We went for a walk today up the hill to the park. He has never been there before. I told him, “Take me home.” He led us home exactly the same way we went up to the park, except he took me to our front door instead of the back door that we had left from. Pretty smart for 3 1/2 months old!”

“Our boy, Jake, plays so hard, then crashes. He can sit on command now and shake JakePlaysHardStoryhands.  He HATES getting wet. He got more vaccinations last Wednesday and his weight is up to 13.8 pounds! That’s a 3.5 pound weight gain in two weeks. Healthy, spoiled Mama’s boy.”

“Dori, the chinchilla sister, is teaching Jake how to play tag. This went on for 15 minutes this morning.”

“Jake passed the ‘cat scan’ with his sister, Josie. Josie is very patient with her new brother.”

JakeSmartDogStory“Our Jake is amazing. He is doing super with potty training. He is learning to go potty on command outside. His cat sister, Josie, is so good with him. She is teaching him how to play nice. He goes bonkers playing with his chinchilla sister, Dori. He is a perfect fit with our family.”