Spice and Everything Nice! Spotlight on Cinnamon

Thanks to our community partner, NW Canine Coalition, Cinnamon wants everyone to know he’s ready for his forever home and he’s going on KING 5/KONG 6 television to share his story. Tune in tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 15, at 7:45 a.m. to hear from NW Canine Coalition’s founder, Kathleen Hunter.

Adoption Highlights 2018

We’ve had a fantastic year at KARE. In 2018, your generous donations raised from the Kitsap Great Give went towards medical, transportation and basic care (nutrition, supplies) for the 42 dogs KARE rescued in 2018. KARE’s motivation for rescuing relinquished or abandoned dogs aids the larger rescue community in achieving an end goal where all dogs truly find their forever homes. We’ve also established a facility to host educational programs intended to improve communication and relationships with pets and their owners to keep them in their loving homes. Funds generated from the 2019 Kitsap Great Give will continue to go towards our rescue program, but also allow us to subsidize expenses associated with our education programs so that we may continue to offer low-cost and free classes to keep at-risk dogs in their forever homes by reducing or eliminating behaviors that cause pets to be relinquished in the first place.


We know dogs and cats are re-homed, but do we really understand why? A better question we can ask ourselves is, can we do something about it?  An estimated 6.12 million households re-home pets every five years. Weiss, E., Gramann, S., Spain, C.V. and Slater, M. (2015) Goodbye to a Good Friend: An Exploration of […]

“Joey Loves You. Listen to Him”

An entire world opened up to me. These women not only understood dogs and how they operated, they could basically “speak” their language. I was hooked. Thanks to KARE, my relationship with Joey became one of the best friendships I have ever had.

The Forever Foster that Stole Our Hearts

The moment KARE met Bailey we knew she was a special soul. She happily bounded towards us with a carefree, “live in the moment” attitude. She was full of smiles and completely stole our hearts. Her owner (at the time) had rescued Bailey from an abusive home and had the best of intentions but knew, ultimately, that she could no longer care for her. She called KARE, in tears, as she knew that Bailey’s medical needs were going to be too costly for her. Bailey had an obvious limp in her hind area and needed medical attention.

Letter from our President to our Volunteers, Fosters and Friends

YOUR DONATION DURING THE KITSAP GREAT GIVE SAVES LIVES We are an all volunteer-run organization and can’t do this alone. We have a huge network of amazing foster homes that help us save the most vulnerable animals! #fosteringsaveslives #KITSAPGREATGIVE #adoptdontshop #whyKARE Read below, then donate: https://kitsapgreatgive.org/npo/kitsap-animal-rescue-and-education Good afternoon folks, A couple of weeks ago, I asked […]

A Plea from our President…

Dear Fellow Animal Lover, With every class we teach at Kitsap Animal Rescue & Education (KARE), we stress to our students the importance of trying to look at the world from the dog’s perspective. This is what I am asking of you now. Ethel and Lucy were abandoned on the front porch of their home […]

Kitsap Great Give 2016

UPDATE:  THANK YOU everyone! Together, we raised over $14,400! The Kitsap Great Give Results: This year, it looks like we raised $14,415! However, prize money is not shown in the totals on the Great Give website, which means, our grand total shown on the Great Give website does not include those prize dollars. We’re happy to […]