About Terry

Terry Ryan, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP Faculty, President of Legacy Canine, has been a dog training class instructor since 1968. Through Legacy, Terry teaches pet dog classes, writes, presents at national and international seminars and workshops and does consults. Terry has been a domestic and international faculty member of the Karen Pryor Academy since 2008, teaching numerous times a year at locations in Washington and Hawaii. She has been conducting chicken training camps nationally and internationally since 1993 with the intent of helping animal trainers from all disciplines sharpen their skills. Terry has authored over 300 dog training articles, nearly a dozen books and a series of sound desensitization CDs. Read more about Terry.

Legacy, an organization promoting humane dog training, was founded in 1975 by Terry and Bill Ryan. For over four decades Legacy has provided programs designed to nurture mutual understanding and good relationships between dogs and their people. Their motto is, “Catch Them in the Act of Doing Something Good.”

The History of Legacy’s Chicken Training Camps

Legacy has been hosting dog training camps since the 1980’s.  In the beginning the camps had 120 participants, many from overseas. Terry decided that a convenient on-site training model was needed for people flying in and unable to bring their dogs. For several years Legacy campers trained rats in Skinner boxes. By the early 90’s, Ingrid Kang Shallenberger (Sea Life Park) and Terry Ryan began using bantam chickens as training models at Legacy camps. The students rotated several times a day among various instructors and topics. The “other” species section was a popular rotation enjoyed for many years by Legacy campers. In 1994, Terry asked Marian Breland-Bailey and Bob Bailey to share their years of animal training experience with her campers.