Advanced Virtual Chicken Camp

You asked for it so here it is! Terry will be offering her first ever Advanced Virtual Chicken Camp.  This program will only be open to people who have attended her Beginning Virtual Chicken Camp.  The format and cost will be the same as your first camp.  The focus during this camp will be on advanced chaining (more discussions on back-chaining), discrimination, and fading targets & prompts.

Our Terry Ryan Virtual Chicken Camps have been running successfully since September of 2021. We are honored to support Terry and all the participants of the Virtual Chicken Camp.

Next Offering:

  • Wednesdays, August 10 – Sept 28, 2022 from 12:30 – 1:30 pm PST

How to Register: Email


Classes are 1 hour long for 8 weeks and conducted utilizing the Zoom virtual meeting platform.

Classes are limited to:

  • Ages 12 & up*
  • 6 working participants ($225): You will need continual access to a chicken.  There will be homework!  As soon as you register, you will receive detailed information on how to select and prepare your chicken partner for the course.  During the course, instructions will be given for making simple props from things you have around the house. You will have the opportunity to work with Terry one-on-one during class sessions.
  • 8 auditing participants ($170): You will be involved in class Q&A and people-only exercises that focus on improving your mechanical skills.                 

Other Important Class Details:

  • Classes are taught in English.  If interpretation is needed, please contact us for a private virtual chicken camp. KARE is not responsible for providing an interpreter. This could affect class time and pricing.
  • Each week all participants receive class notes plus supplemental educational documents
  • The training area for each working participant should be a quiet area free of distractions. The area needs a table of at least 6 feet in length, a computer with a camera (preferably a laptop), and a chair. 
  • All chickens used in training need to be hens, no roosters. Each working participant should have a chicken of their own to work with during the camp. The chicken may be from their own flock or borrowed from another flock. During class, the chicken should be kept in a holding area within easy reach of the working table and the computer. Wire dog crates work well for keeping the chickens contained during class when not working with them.
  • CEU credits are available for both working and auditor participants.

In this virtual course, you’ll get the information from Terry’s traditional Chicken Camps which are designed to practice animal training. The methods will involve marker-based positive reinforcement techniques. The goal of the course is to help you be a better trainer of any species, including humans. The course will provide practical application for the principles of classical and operant conditioning. Observation and timing skills are practiced. A foundation of target training and discrimination is followed by teaching the chicken to negotiate a simple, chained obstacle course.

Register by contacting