Holiday Fun & Safety for Your Pets

Holidays are a great time for you and your pets. There are lots of ways to include your pet in all the holiday activities and do it safely. Here are few from KARE:

Fun Holiday Dog Activities

  • Wrap toys or treats in plain white tissue paper and watch your dog open his gift!
  • Use paper towel tubes, wrapping paper tubes or plain boxes to place kibble or treats in and place all around the house for your dog to find.
  • Serve your dog a special meal while the family is eating their special meal. Make sure to check out what foods are harmful to pets first.
  • Take fun photos! Provided your pet isn’t afraid or uncomfortable in any way.
  • Take a walk in a new place and really let your dog sniff the whole way.
  • If your dog has a favorite activity, do it a few extra times and involve the whole family.
  • Make some special pet-safe/appropriate treats.
  • Have a dog Christmas party with a few dogs you know and your dog likes.
  • If your dog is dog-friendly and people-social, check your local newspaper or announcement boards for upcoming holiday dog activities.

Safety Reminders

  • Supervise pets around decorations and decorated trees. Think how odd is must seem to them that their human has brought a tree into the house! Think about all the shiny, dangling items within reach and how many things are now plugged into outlets. Keep in mind, trees are good for climbing and urinating on!
  • Watch for inquisitive but inappropriate chewing, especially electric cords, ribbons and bows.
  • Watch for and remove batteries on the ground.
  • Check out what foods and plants are harmful to your pets, and don’t allow your pets to ingest them.
  • If you have parties at your home, make sure your dog is comfortable AND WELL MANNERED around crowds, otherwise consider containing with lots of toys and appropriate goodies for the evening. If your pets are mingling with guests, make sure your guests know to watch for pets underfoot. A high heel on a pet tail is a recipe for disaster!

Most importantly enjoy your pet and your holidays together!