KARE Alumni Summer 2015 Update


Jake_CinnamonPupOur Jake is one smart boy. We went for a walk today up the hill to the park. He has never been there before. I told him, “Take me home.” He led us home exactly the same way we went up to the park, except he took me to our front door instead of the back door that we had left from. Pretty smart for 3 1/2 months old!


LokiThank you KARE for allowing us to adopt this sweet puppy!! Loki is such a happy pup and a joy to have in our home! He and Chaz are best friends already!!!


Tucker_2One of June Bug’s pups. He loves water and is growing into a handsome pup.




AUG_LexieLexie (formerly Ivy) LOVES to play! Such a sweetheart!




1_JAN_BeauBeau (formerly Bugsy) is turning into one good-looking pup!




DukeHawk-2Duke (formerly Braveheart) at about 6 months. He is incredibly smart and affectionate, always loves to play with dogs and humans alike, and looks super handsome in his new ‘Hawks jersey.