KARE Training and Activity Center

We are excited to announce that KARE’s Training and Activity Center is officially open! After 20 years of dreaming, planning, and saving from the Kitsap Great Give, we were able to break ground and open the facility! This facility will serve as a centrally-located “headquarters” for our KARE team, improving our organization’s day-to-day operations, and provide a safe space for those who are struggling with behavioral issues caused by environmental stressors. We believe the more you know about dogs, the better your relationship with your own dog will be. KARE continues to grow, with dedicated volunteers, trainers, and fosters joining our cause each day.

To sign up for training classes or to reserve our private dog play area, please create a profile by logging in here!

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Private Training

Training can be tailored to your needs and individualized for you and your dog. Our certified dog trainers have 25 years’ experience working with behaviors of all kinds, from fear to aggression, excessive barking, reactivity and more. Behavior modification with positive training methodology is a scientifically-proven solution to teach your dog new behaviors. Let us help you strengthen the bond between you and your dog!

Sign up for a Private Training Session or contact registration@nwkare.org for more information!


KARE hosts a variety of workshops (some FREE!) aimed at helping the pet guardians work on specific behavioral concerns. Examples of workshops we offer include Reactive RoverDoglish (learning how to read and speak your dog’s language), Loose Leash Walking, Rover Recall and Group Reactive Rover Rehabilitation (GRRR) behavior modification workshops. Our free Training Orientation workshop is offered frequently and a fantastic way to leap into KARE workshops and classes!

To learn more, see our Class Offered page or call us at 360-602-6717!

Behavior Assessments

Our trainers are certified with national independent organizations and have over 25 years experience working with behaviors of all kinds, from fear to aggression, to excessive barking and more. If you and your dog are suffering from problem behaviors such as excessive fear, resource guarding, and reactivity to other dogs or strangers, behavior modification with positive training methodology is the scientifically-proven solution and we can show you how.

To request a consult, call us at 360-602-6717!

Private Dog Play Area

Dog parks are not designed for every dog. Many dogs find the rough and tumble of a pack of free-roaming dogs too much. For the reactive or fearful dog, the dog park is impossible. KARE offers private use of our outdoor dog yard, perfect for those dogs who need a chance to run and play off-leash without the worry and fear of unknown dogs (and their people).

Our private dog play area is supplied with toys including a chuck-it and tennis balls! We also provide poop bags, trash can, water for dogs and a bench to sit and relax on.

To reserve the play area please sign up here or call us at 360-602-6717!

Party & Event Space Rental

Now your dog can have its own party, and a place to celebrate! The KARE facility is available to rent for special occasions such as birthdays, Bark Mitzvahs, new pet adoptions, Yappy Hours, ice cream socials and more. We can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind experience!

Our Event Space is currently unavailable for reservations.

To reserve the Event Space, please sign up here or call us at 360-602-6717!

ProPet Registration How-to

KARE Training and Activity Center is NOW AVAILABLE! Participate in a KARE class, or rent our indoor or outdoor play areas for personalized, one-on-one sessions.

Creating a New Account

Use the “New Users” button above to create your ProPet account.

Registering for a Class, Reserving the Facility or Booking Play Yard Session

  1. Create Your Profile – Once you have logged in, you will be asked to create your Pet(s)’s Profile.
  • Upload a Profile Pic!
  • Let us know more about your pup, such as Vaccination Record and Vet Info

2. Vaccination Record(s) – Once your Pet Profile is created, you will be required to upload Vaccination Records.

  • Please attach each vaccination record separately; you may upload a PDF or screenshot/photo (JPG).
  • Up-to-date vaccinations ensure the safety your pet and all other pets using our facility or services.
  • Although not required, it is a good idea to provide your Emergency Contacts as well as your pet’s Microchip number

3. Book Now – When you ready, you can go to the “Book Now” (blue button) under your Profile name on the left side column, or at the top right corner:

  • Private Training Reservation, e.g., Behavior Assessment or Reactive Rover Coaching Session
  • Group Class Reservation, e.g., Basic Manners or Reactive Rover Workshop
  • Facility Rentals, e.g., Outdoor Play Yard or Indoor Activity Center

5. Choose Your Pet – You will be asked to select for which pet you will be requesting services for; you may request services for more than one pet.

Once you have selected/added your pet, you will select the desired class or service for this pet. Note:When reserving the facility or play yard, you are able to book multiple 1-hr slots, as well as full day rentals.

6. Payment – A credit card is required to complete the registration process. NOTE: Your card is not charged at this time. Payment is not processed until after KARE receives and approves your registration. If you need to pay by alternate methods, please send us an email.

Need to send us a message? Go to Messages to conveniently send and receive correspondences from the KARE Facility Staff or Class/Workshop Trainer!