Letter from our President to our Volunteers, Fosters and Friends


We are an all volunteer-run organization and can’t do this alone. We have a huge network of amazing foster homes that help us save the most vulnerable animals! #fosteringsaveslives #KITSAPGREATGIVE #adoptdontshop #whyKARE

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Good afternoon folks,

A couple of weeks ago, I asked for your assistance in getting the word out about the need for more fosters in order to help Vanessa make space for dogs she needed to rescue from a hoarding situation. And, as usual, you stepped up to the plate.  Thanks to your efforts, we were able to bring in eight dogs that helped Vanessa make room for the dogs in the hoarding situation.

Vanessa was able to find rescues to take all the dogs (over 18) within a couple of days. And, a good thing too because the day she rescued some of them, one gave birth to several puppies.

Let me give you a little background about Vanessa: she is the person responsible for rescuing at least 90% of the dogs we receive. Over the last three years, we have received over 250 dogs and that is amazing! You can’t imagine the stories she tells me about the situations these dogs come from. I am always amazed that she still has the strength to keep going.

I wanted to share her words below. I received a message from Vanessa the day after she called me in tears, having just left the hoarding situation. I had contacted her that day to just check in and see how she was doing. Here is her response:

“Well, I was ok then not!  My pregnant momma decided to give birth like right now. But I did come home to a package from you and again I’m overwhelmed with emotion.

‘I was really ready to throw in the towel but then I look at all the collars, some with name tags still on and I took a trip down memory lane. We saved that many!!! I’m proud and ever so thankful to have you as a rescue partner, I could not have saved any of these without you. I am beyond blessed to call you my friend!!! Thank you for all you do. Don’t call me, too busy crying.”

Just before Vanessa discovered the hoarding situation, she had rescued an elder dog that was going blind and deaf, and the owners didn’t want him back from the shelter. The package she is referring to is a box of collars that had come off the dogs she had sent us the past several months, that I was sending back for her to re-use.

This is a message I had to share with you all.

YOU are the reason we are able to rescue so many. I am only the conduit. Without all of you supporting KARE, helping with events, fostering, supporting us in many ways, we would not be able to continue to help these animals. So please, take a moment, pat yourself on the back, give a loved one a hug and know that I would love to give each and every one of you a hug myself.

Thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart.