Mamma Mia’s #HappyTail

Mamma Mia was found as a stray in the Missouri Ozarks in early 2016. Her owner was found, but her owner no longer wanted her anymore because it was suspected that she was pregnant again.

Her owner didn’t want to deal with another litter, so he kicked her out of the house.

Mamma Mia was transported to Washington state to stay with one of our fantastic foster families. It turned out that Mamma Mia was indeed pregnant, and, in a few short weeks, had eight adorable puppies!

Mamma Mia and her eight puppies; they were named after Game of Thrones characters: Dany, Gilly, Brienne, Jorah, Myrcella, Tommen, Sansa, and Arya.

Mamma Mia is a very good mother and is also very protective of her pups. It quickly became apparent that our Mamma Mia needed a dog-free home to raise her puppies.

At this time, one of our longtime KARE supporters and volunteers, Carla, was very deep in the grieving process for her beloved dog of 13 years, Amos. While Carla wasn’t yet ready for another dog, she also was one of the only dog-free foster homes for Mamma Mia and her puppies.

And Carla, like many of our fosters and volunteers, had too big of a heart to ignore Mamma’s predicament.

Mamma Mia and her eight puppies, at the age of two weeks, moved into Carla’s small house early May 2016. Mamma Mia and her puppies kept Carla extremely busy, and may have made her go a little crazy at times too. However, Carla fell in love with the puppies, watching them grow, from opening their eyes at two weeks, their ears developing at four weeks, and then socializing them. While Carla was sure she didn’t want to keep one of the puppies, when it came time to put Mamma Mia up for adoption, Carla could not let her go to another home.

“When it came time to put Mamma Mia up for adoption, Carla could not let her go to another home.”

Mamma Mia was the complete opposite of Amos. She got along with just about every one and every dog. She was just the nicest dog! Even though Carla felt like Mamma Mia and she had not yet fully bonded, she was ready to treat Mamma Mia like the royal dog she is, give her a spoiled life (as it should be!)!

Mamma Mia never seemed to have many toys before and she never knew drive thru windows.

Carla adopted Mamma Mia and ended up taking her on her long term work travel to Washington, DC. The bond between Mamma Mia and Carla grew and grew.

Mamma Mia on a Pacific Beach coast adventure!

Carla is so happy that Mamma Mia and her puppies came into her life. While she still misses and loves her Amos dog, she is lucky that Mamma Mia rescued her. She even gets to see one of Mamma Mia’s pups on a regular basis! Carla’s best friend adopted one of her pups, Gilly!

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