Sprockett is the new Leo!

New Picture (1)New Picture (2)After much consideration we renamed Sprockett to Leo. He is amazing, we love him very much. He is also very spoiled. I would say he gets at least two to three new toys a week if not more. We nicknamed him the “toy destroyer” because he loves to rip up toys to bits. As for the bear you gave him, he is very fond of it, honestly it is the only toy he will not destroy. He sleeps with it every night. As for the crating at night we do not do that anymore, haven’t for a while. He sleeps on the bed with us. He is very good with going outside. We have a bell around the door knob and he walks to the door to let us know he needs to go out. He is amazing off leash outside. as of right now He is 20 pounds and very energetic. we go for long walks and hikes and to the dog park. He knows his name and to come when called by his name. He will do about anything for food, he knows a few tricks Paw, double Paw, sit, wait, stay, pretty sit, lay down, come. I believe I am forgetting a few tricks in there but those are off the top of my head. He loves to swim and chase after birds, and bunnys. Over all I think he is a very happy dog. He still hates to be left alone. we where crating him when we left the house however whenever we got home he magically was out. So he is now free to be in the house! Oh I almost forgot he loves to climb the cat condo its the funniest thing.