Animal & Community Education

KARE works with the community to promote healthier relationships with pet animals through training and behavioral modification classes. We promote and facilitate force-free, reward-based training methods only.

Alternatives to coercion, physical punishment, and force are provided to help people understand how a positive approach to training increases active participation on the animal’s part and strengthens the bond between human and animal.

KARE offers classes and workshops for dogs of all ages and behavior needs. KARE also partners with a variety of organizations to deliver animal behavior education such as Chicken Camp, “Canine Communication and Behavior” and many more.


We partner with local schools to provide bite prevention and responsible pet ownership education, with material tailored to young minds. During the summer, we are pleased to host Camp Canine, for kids ages 8-12 to have fun learning how to train and care for their dog. Contact us today to schedule a presentation with your group or class.

Canine Communication & Behavior Seminar

Would you like to raise funds for your organization? Is education about dog behavior, bite prevention and responsible pet ownership needed in your community? You can raise funds and educate with KARE’s Canine Communication and Behavior Seminar. The seminar is a unique two day program to help educate communities about dog communication, behavior and resolving behavior problems.

How do you bring this seminar to your community? Your organization hosts the event charging a minimal fee (organizations have charged between $45.00 to $100.00 per person for both days). The fees collected are for your organization and the maximum number of participants is determined by the size of your facility. The only fee you pay to KARE is for any travel (airfare or gas & hotel) expenses. Contact us today to schedule a seminar for your community!