Kitsap Animal Rescue & Education (KARE) provides animal welfare education and shelter rescue support to the West Puget Sound area.


Educate people on understanding and learning how to communicate with their pets in hopes of reducing the number of homeless pets.

Rescue adoptable dogs and cats that do not thrive in the shelter environment and simply need a good home and a little training and TLC to make them great pets.

Animal/Community Education

KARE partners with a variety of organizations and shelters to deliver humane education presentations on a variety of topics such as "Recognizing Canine Aggression", "Speaking Doglish - Communications with Your Dog", "Dog Parks - Proper Etiquette for Dogs and Their People" and many more.

KARE also works with the community in general to promote healthier relationships with pet animals through training and behavioral modification classes. We promote and facilitate force-free, reward-based training methods only. Alternatives to coercion, physical punishment and force are outlined to help people understand how positive approach to training increases compliance on the animal's part and strengthens the bond between human and animal.

Animal Rescue

One of the primary reasons for KARE's existence is to help animals from shelter environments with the training and socialization they need to find and stay in their new homes. Most of the animals we foster we do so because the animal has certain behavior(s) that either landed it in the shelter or a behavior the animal obtained while in the shelter that prevents it from being adoptable.

KARE supports local shelters through rescue and rehoming of "unadoptable" animals. Many great dogs and cats end up in shelters through no fault of their own. Family relocations, loss of homes, minor untrained behavior problems are three most common reasons for pet surrenders. With a good foster home environment and some simple training these animals become amazing pets in their new forever homes.

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