How do I learn more about your classes?

To learn about upcoming classes and workshops offered by KARE, subscribe to our email newsletter, check our Events Calendar or contact registration@nwkare.org. Some of our regular classes and workshops can be found under our “Classes Offered” page.

How do I register for classes?

To register for classes and workshops offered by KARE, click on the event in the Events Calendar,  select the class you would like to register for, and email registration@nwkare.org.

How do I sign up for your newsletter?

To signup for our monthly newsletter, please visit our “Subscribe to our Mailing List” page, enter your information, select the “Newsletter” check box, and click on the “Sign up” button.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter?

Yes! You can follow us on both Facebook and Twitter, and we’re now on Instagram!

How can I volunteer?

If you would like to volunteer with KARE, please check out our Volunteer With KARE page or contact our Volunteer Coordinator directly by emailing volunteer@nwkare.org for information on current opportunities.  If you’re ready to help, no matter the job, request a volunteer application by emailing and submitting your completed form to volunteer@nwkare.org.

I am looking to adopt. What steps do I have to take?

Visit our Petfinder or Adopt-a-Pet pages to locate one of our current “KARE Adoptables”.  KARE does not have a facility at this time, and all dogs are cared for by KARE Fosters/Volunteers, therefore dogs are unavailable to meet/visit prior to completing an Adoption Application. You can request the Adoption Application by emailing and submitting the completed form to adoptions@nwkare.org. All animals adopted through KARE are micro-chipped, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered (except young puppies) prior to release to new owners.  A deposit will be taken for puppies that are not yet spayed or neutered to ensure that the spay/neuter occurs when it’s best for the puppy.

For the sake of the pet:

  • All members of household must be in agreement
  • Adoption application and agreement must be completed and signed by someone 18 years or older
  • Dogs must be indoor/outdoor dogs (no outdoor only dogs)
  • If children under the age of five in the household, adoption family must attend Doglish class
  • No two puppies from the same litter will be adopted together
  • Landlord must be contacted and approve of pet

I have submitted an adoption application, now what?

Once a KARE Representative has reviewed your application, you should be contacted by a KARE Representative to see if the animal is a good fit for you and your family. KARE’s mission is to reduce the number of returns to shelters, so please be prepared for a meet-and-greet, as well as a home visit. All family members are required to attend the “meet-and-greet”, and, if there are other dogs in the home, the dog(s) must also attend “meet-and-greet”.

We are so excited to have a new member of the family! What support do you offer?

Congratulations and welcome to the KARE family! KARE will provide some helpful information in a “Welcome Packet” regarding your new puppy, to include their medical/vaccination information, the KARE Adoption Coordinator will follow up with you up to 45 days after adoption, and, of course, share with you all the great KARE Classes offered! As part of the family, you can call or message us at any time for help with your furbaby.

With your permission, we would love to share your KARE story with all of our friends by including them on our KARE Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Using #KAREHappyTails or #whyKARE, you can tag KARE or follow some of our KARE Happy Tails and KARE Alumni stories!

There are a lot of Puppy/Basic Training Classes in town. Why should I choose a KARE Class?

We believe we can provide you with an excellent and unique training experience because of the following:

  • Classes are smaller than other providers (maximum of 6)
  • Student-to-staff ratio is much lower.  Typically we have two trainers, which usually means 3 students per staff person (average class of six people)
  • Our classroom is a standalone building without retail activity.  No other people or dogs walking about to cause distractions.
  • With our experienced and dedicated trainers, we can provide individualized behavior consultations and follow up with you as you need it.

I am looking to become a Foster. Can I do that with KARE?

Yes, we are always looking for foster homes! To request a Foster Application, please email and submit the form back to fosters@nwkare.org. Not sure about becoming a KARE Foster? Check out the page here.

What are “KARE Alumni” or “KARE Happy Tails”?

KARE Alumni are dogs that have completed a KARE Basic Manners, Puppy Manners, or Puppy Preschool class. KARE Happy Tails are KARE rescues that have been adopted out into homes. Share your KARE adoption success story with all of our friends by including them on our KARE Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Using #KAREHappyTails or #whyKARE, you can tag KARE or follow some of our KARE Happy Tails and KARE Alumni stories!